Monday, August 29

The Garden...

So, I just thought this was too cute.

These, obviously, are not my vegetables...but I do hope that, one day, mine will look this awesome.

I just wanted to have a chart of the garden for reference.

So...we have:

Spinach (8) Green Beans (4) Soybeans (4) Cumcumber
Sugar Snap Peas (8) Green Beans (4) Salad Bowl Lettuce, Zucchini
Broccoli, Cauliflower, Great Lakes Lettuce (4) Squash
Basil, Spinach (9) Carrots (12) Rosemary

I came over to my parents' house 3 times today to check on my vegetables...

There was no change. I'll be back tomorrow, though.

Until then.

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