Thursday, September 15

Spoiler Alert***

I spent Lucy's nap this afternoon on Hulu.

I guess this really isn't a spoiler. I'll do my best not to give anything away about these shows, but this is my first attempt at TV reviewing, so, just in case...I did warn you.

I can't go any further without talking about the series finale of Entourage.

Okay, this might be a watch the series finale first, then read this.

Okay, I love good TV. And, believe it or not, (sarcasm alert***) I get emotionally involved. Series finales are tough for me.

I loved this finale.

But then again, it's hard to disappoint me. If I am loyal to a show, I remain loyal. It's hard for me to admit that I am disappointed because of my love, I guess. So, instead, I just force myself to find the positive and focus on that.

But I really loved this. If you haven't seen Entourage, DO NOT WATCH THIS EPISODE. Get on Netflix, or HBOGo, or whatever...and start with Season 1. You will fall in love, I promise.

This finale did what every good HBO series finale does for me...set it up for the movie.

It won't be the same because I won't be ridiculously excited when I hear about the movie, (like I was when I heard about Sex and the City...I can't even pretend that Sex and the City 2 happened, though...yikes,) but I am confident that the Entourage movie will be amazing and will show us the guys in their rightful places...

Vince and Sophia will be happily married, Vince will be working, maybe have an Oscar or two, maybe they'll have a marital problem or two...perhaps a pregnancy.

E and Sloan will be married, raising their baby, (!) and will be the steady, mature couple...too many problems had already, they'll be happy. God willing Scott Caan will still be him. (Hawaii 5-0 is all about Scott Caan. I watch it for Scott Caan. and Alex O'Laughlin's abs...and lips...)

Turtle, (oh, Turtle...) will be rich and successful. LOVED his finale wrap-up...and I have only one thought...BRING. BACK. JAMIE-LYNN. SIGLER.

Johnny will be on a successful show, hopefully Johnny Bananas since they didn't really wrap that up...I love that Billy Walsh is involved and I think it's the perfect idea for Johnny.

Ari and Lloyd will be happily together. Wait, I mean Ari and his wife...I loved her, but wasn't Ari's relationship that we most cherished with Lloyd? LLOYD!!!

I thought that their goodbye scene was a bit forced, but it brought me to tears no less.

I have so enjoyed this show and I really am sorry to see it go. But, alas, looking forward to the movie! Thanks, was fun!

Next, onto my other HBO love which wrapped up it's 4th season this week.

True Blood.

I. love. True. Blood.

I love it.

I stumbled upon an episode of True Blood when I first got HBO. I was so intrigued and confused and shocked by it...that I had to watch. When the first season was shown OnDemand, I watched and fell in love.

I really hope you'll watch it, if you haven't. Although, fair warning...I always say that I have been completely desensitized to explicit sex and violence by HBO, and it is largely due to True Blood. But power's worth it.

I loved the finale, but it increased my hatred for summer shows because it is a LONG year to wait for the new season. Damn.

Sookie and Bill? Sookie and Eric? Jason and Jessica? Tara...? It will keep me coming back.

Onto another summer series finale...The Closer.

The Closer is TNT's summer hit with Kyra Sedgwick.

They've done what I wish all summer shows would do...added a fall season as well. We get it all year long.

Except that this is their last season, which makes me sad...she's awesome, I love her, I love all of the characters and if you haven't watched it I hope that you'll catch up and join me for the last episodes this fall, (and another summer season, which I can only guess was added last-minute bc I thought that the series was wrapping up this summer...) when I hope Brenda and Fritzy will get pregnant!

Now, onto premiers!

Let's face it...fall TV premiers are like Christmas.

And I've been waiting for a few of these premiers for a while.

The New Girl with Zooey Deschanel was one that I watched during naptime today.

I liked was cute. I love her, she's great. It was slow to catch my interest, a bit silly...but it redeemed itself in the end with a lot of heart and a great rendition of The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. It's the story of a recently dumped, beautiful but dorky girl who moves in with 3 cute guys after her breakup. Hard to mess up, really. I've already picked my guy that I hope she ends up with.

I'll definitely keep watching it. Like I said, I'm loyal. But I'd recommend it, give it a shot. Look for the douchebag jar...funny.

And Up All Night...

I would DEFINITELY recommend this show to you. I loved it. It cracked me up.

I like to judge these shows by how often I am sitting in front of the TV by myself and laughing outloud...this show passed the test.

Will Arnett...enough said.

Christina Applegate...her guest spots on FRIENDS were two of the best and funniest ever and I loved Samantha Who?, too...although I have to say Maya Rudoplh and Will Arnett are a vast improvement to her former costars.

Maya Rudolph...Away We Go and Bridesmaids...I just love her.

Watch this show. I laughed outloud everytime they did the *bleeping* scenes when talking about how cute their kid is. Great.

And I have to leave you with one of my personal favorites. Mainly because I cannot understand why this show is not talked about more.

Parenthood on NBC is probably my favorite show on Network TV.

That's right, I said it. I love Glee. Glee will always be my first love. But I truly love Parenthood, and I feel a little bad for it...because I NEVER hear anybody talking about it!

If you haven't watched it, WATCH IT. I love this show. It makes me laugh makes me cry. It makes me think. I love it.

The sibling relationships are perfectly written and the flirtation between Sara (Lauren Graham) and her daughter's younger English teacher, (Jason Ritter of The Event) will keep you coming back every week.

This show is awesome. Watch it.

That's it from me.

Don't worry, I'll be back for Glee.

Until then.


  1. Brooks, it's Sara (formerly Longenecker), and I have to say, I love your blog and I am happy to say that I, too, love and watch Parenthood. You rock!

  2. Parenthood is amazing. There such a raw wittiness about it. I love love love Adam. I also love that I don't think about Gilmore Girls every time I see Sara(Lauren Graham). She has done a perfect job creating a new character, often difficult to do. (I still think "Rachel every time I see Jennifer Aniston, poor thing)