Tuesday, January 10

For Carter.

My nephew, Carter, was baptized on Sunday.  

It was such a special, beautiful day that I just really wanted to share it with all of you.

But first, meet Carter.

This is Carter. 

Carter was born to my sister, Burton, on June 21st.  He is, how shall I put this...a giant baby.  He was 10 lbs at birth and is already into 12-18 month clothes...he's 6 months old.

He is also, how shall I put this...the cutest baby that has ever lived.

My sweet little Carter man...

I mean, come on.  

I know everybody thinks that their baby is the cutest baby ever...but they're wrong.

Well, anyway.

Sunday was such a special day.  I kept my girls that I nanny for, Mia and Lucy, all weekend while their parents were out of town, so they came along with Brian and me.  

As I sat in the church next to Brian, while Mia and Lucy climbed all over us, I was so overwhelmed by being surrounded by so much love.  

My aunts and uncles were there, some of my cousins, our closest family friends including my oldest and dearest friend, Susan, were all there.  

Carter was wearing a christening gown that has been in our family for 5 generations.  It's 113 years old.  

As I watched my sweet Carter smile up at the priest while he was being baptized, I was surprised by how emotional I became.  I held it together until I looked over at my sister and saw that she was crying, then my tears really started to flow.

The whole day was such a vivid reminder of how blessed I am.

In the car on the way home, Brian commented on how lucky I am to have such a close family and so many great family friends.  I shouldn't have to be reminded of that, but apparently I do.  

And on Sunday, I was.

I love you, Carter.

Here's hoping that you all do a better job than I do of remembering how blessed you are.  And that if you don't, you have days like Sunday to remind you.

Until then.

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