Tuesday, July 24

When you know, you know.

So, Brian and I have been discussing wedding plans for sometime now.

We started talking about wanting to get married after about a month.

{I knew that I wanted to marry him after about a week.}

And I am very blessed to be related to the owner of and mastermind behind Fishers Flowers and Events.

My cousin, Grove, & her husband, Adam, own & operate Fishers Flowers, designing and executing amazing weddings over on the Gulf Coast.

{I'm also very blessed to have Grove as one of my closest friends.}

The point of the story is that, when Brian & I started talking about getting married, we knew that we wanted it to be sometime next summer, and we knew that we wanted Grove to design it.

And Grove, ever the business-woman, went ahead and sent us the dates that would work best for her.

So Brian and I have actually had a wedding date picked out in our heads for a while now...

The words, "when you know, you know" have been said often over the last few months.

We know {and have been told} that it seems rushed & we know that we may have done things a little out of order.

But it's what feels natural to us.  It's our normal.

And it's probably because we've known all along that our relationship was leading up to this moment.

July 21st, 2012

Brian got down on one knee Saturday night.

I said yes.  And I cried.


Right now I'm going to go watch Franklin & Bash with my new fiancé...

but I will give you all of the details tomorrow.

{proposal details & wedding blogging details!}

Until then, I hope that when you know, you know.


  1. I have a soft spot for people who pick out their wedding dates before they get engaged (ahem, me). :)

    I love you and I'm SO excited for you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You know 7 + 6 = 13!
    "Things that add up make him really happy."