Tuesday, August 28

What can Metallic Spray Paint do for You?

I got into another upholstery project this week.

I wasn't planning to, it started while I was playing with some metallic spray paint.  {I have plans to spray paint an old chandelier that my future mother-in-law gave us.}

So, I wanted to test out some spray paint to see how it works.

I have an old Vodka bottle that I have held on to for years.  My dad bought a bottle Rain Organics Vodka for me a few years ago...and, my apologies to the Rain Organics people, but it tasted terrible.

I loved the bottle, though.

So, I've seriously held onto this bottle for years.  Never really knowing what I was going to do with it.

{The sort of behavior that my sister & my fiancé would discourage...the behavior of hoarders.}

But something told me that I would find a good use for this fun bottle.

I also wanted to test out the spray paint on some hooks for a coat rack.  You saw the coat rack here in my old apartment.

I'm not sure what possessed me to spray paint the whole darn thing off-white.  

But I sure did.

So, I took the hooks off a few weeks ago, {and stored them with their screws in a labeled plastic bag...smart.} to wait for the metallic spray paint.  

Here we go.

So I used the screws to stick the hooks into the cardboard which made it really easy to spray them from all sides.  Also, this only took one coat of paints...very impressive to someone like me.  I loved using this spray paint.

I had been planning on painting the piece of wood for the coat rack.  I wasn't really planning on completing this project that afternoon, but then an idea struck me & I couldn't be stopped.

I had the idea that scrapbook paper would be cute instead of just a solid coat of paint. 

Then I thought, "I wish it would be easier to fold scrapbook paper around the edges neatly...like fabric."



I had batting leftover from my chair upholstery project AND I had a yard of gorgeous fabric that I bought for another project, {more on that later,} but I knew that I had enough for both.

So here it is:


"Are we going for a walk, or what?"

Don't you love that fabric?  I do.


Brian and I were at Joann buying this fabric & I don't know if y'all's craft stores are anything like ours are, but I am pretty sure it is a pre-requisite that you have to be at least 70 years old to work there.

The woman cutting the fabric for us said, "oh, this is nice, sort of a Thanksgiving in summer theme."

Brian and I looked at each other in confusion but agreed politely with her.  It didn't occur to me until we were walking out of the store that she thought the peacocks were turkeys.

But a Thanksgiving in summer theme would be nice.

So, I am really excited about my coat rack.  I love that it is the first thing you see when you walk in.

It's gotten me excited about getting more done in our foyer.

Oh, I almost forgot!

Check out the vodka bottle:

See what would happen if I wasn't a hoarder?

We LOVE our new vase!

So, seriously, I love metallic spray paint.  It's my new favorite thing.  The wheels in my head are spinning trying to come up with something else I can paint.

Tomorrow morning I will be spray painting that chandelier I told you about, not this silver color, but a rubbed oil bronze.  Then I will be trying to figure out what to do about shades for it, too!

Until then, if you have to work on a Tuesday night, here's hoping it looks something like this.


  1. OMG. Hahahaha! Your last picture is awful! ;)
    Love your projects. And your enthousiasm.
    Wish we could meet again, because I feel I only know you through the internet and have no proper memory of real-you and therefor am in no position to comment on anything. :)

    Love from overseas,

    1. Haha, Iris, thanks for the compliments and for lovingly making fun of us at the same time ;) We totally deserve it. Unfortunately, when a blogger and a law student who both love Apple products decide to get married this is what happens...