Thursday, September 20

Bathroom Organization Update

You guys thought I forgot about Organizational Wednesdays this week, didn't you?

No way, Jose.  Today is Wednesday.  You heard me.

So, I actually got a lot done this week!

Here's the final shelf in my small bathroom shelf, {you can see the before of this project here.}

I decided to use this shelf for all of our "extras."  {Brian is apparently stockpiling deodorant.}

And, again, loving my wire shelves.

I also tackled my bathroom drawer.

The key here is containers.  The key to organization is containing.  

I moved the cleaning supplies out from under the sink, {more on that later,} but I left a few things that I use more frequently.  

And moved all of my hair styling tools under the sink as well into this basket.  A good goal is to keep your counter tops clear!  I still haven't figured out where to keep all of my hair products...but things are coming along nicely!

SO that's it for Organizational Wednesdays this week.  

Until then, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, everybody.

You heard me.

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