Wednesday, September 28

Food is food.

When I first decided to become Vegan, what I feared most wasn't the food that I would be missing, but the experiences.

When my mom asks me if I'm going to make my children be Vegan, I don't think she's worried about the food they won't be eating, but that their friends will think that they're weird.

What does food mean to you?

One of the reasons that I loved Eating Animals, (the book, not the experience,) so much, was that he begins by talking about his family, and what food means to their history. He talks about the food that he grew up eating for Sunday dinners at his grandmother's house, (always chicken and carrots,) and the burgers that his dad would always over-cook on the grill.

He explores whether or not his children will miss out on those memories, those memories that he holds so dear, if he's grilling veggie burgers instead of beef.

The biggest change that I've experienced this year has been the shift in my thinking about nutrition, and about food in general.

I stopped relating food to memories, or experiences, or emotions, and I started thinking about it as nourishment and sustenance.

And, in doing so, I never once longed for a burger on the grill during a football game, or one of my brother-in-law, Bryan's, famously delicious steaks, or my favorite meal that my mom would always make for me when I came home from college...leftover roast beef cut up in bite-sized pieces in gravy served over white rice.

What has happened to me this year is that I have stopped relating the food that I eat to the people or places that are important to me. And I think that that is an important step in all of our lives, whether or not you are considering giving up certain foods, it's important.

I still watch football games with my family, I still go to cookouts at my sister and brother-in-law's house, and my mom is still my mom, and has been more accepting of my new diet than I honestly ever thought that anybody in my family would be.

Food is just food.

So, on that note, I wanted to share with you my favorite part of my day today. The moment I'd been looking forward to all week.

Whole Foods. Ahh, Whole Foods.

When I walk in the door and the smell of all of that beautiful fresh produce hits me...I could just move right in. I couldn't afford it, but I could move right in.

On Wednesdays I watch a baby that lives about 20 minutes away from my house, and the best part about the commute is that Whole Foods is on my way home. I only allow myself a trip there when I have a specific need, though...because, otherwise, I'm not sure how but I would be even more broke than I am now.

Today I went because I had a craving for Field Roast Frankfurters and because I had raved about them to my mom and she was excited to try them.

I also sliced some sweet onion and put it on the grill with some Earth Balance (butter,) salt and pepper.

Looks good, right? Tasted great.

I had a beer out on the deck with my dad while we grilled these up, enjoying the pretty evening and the smell of charcoal...

I didn't miss the meat. I didn't miss anything.

Like I said, I think this is an important lesson for anyone, not just someone who is considering vegetarianism. Food is just food. Enjoy it.

Until then...

Atticus loves Field Roast franks.

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