Sunday, October 2

Good Morning, Squash Blossom

When I was letting Atticus out this morning I caught a glimpse of something in my garden.

Squash blossom!

I know that this basically is just the way that all plants work...but I love that fruits and vegetables begin with flowers. Makes me happy.

So, I spent some time out in the garden this afternoon, (any excuse to be outside in this weather...) and had to run back inside and grab my camera.

Beautiful things happening...

Cumcumber plant

I can't decide if I love this or if it just creeps me out...

One of my cucumber plants has reached out and grabbed the vines growing on the garden wall...finding something like this in nature makes me think that Tim Burton really isn't that creative.

Here's hoping that, wherever you are, it is as beautiful a day as it is here.

Until then.

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