Friday, October 21

Dear Pinterest,

A few months ago, something very important happened in my life. Something that would change the way that I spend my days and the way that I think and feel about my life...

I received an invitation to join Pinterest.

I didn't really get what the big deal was at first.

(6 years ago I said that I didn't think Facebook was going to catch on.)

3 hours after I joined, though, I realized that the sun had gone down and that I hadn't gotten anything done that I had planned on doing.

I am a Pinning fool. I cannot stop.

Pinterest is a website that you personalize with all of your favorite things that you find on the Internet.

Using the Pinning tool that you download to your Favorites toolbar, you have ability to pull a picture from any site and "pin" it to your Pinterest boards.

My favorite part of Pinterest, though, is seeing everybody else's pins. It is an amazing tool for sharing and networking online.

You will find endless ideas for anything and everything that you could hope to find endless ideas for...

Here are a few of my Pins...

Great way to arrange flowers in a shallow bowl.

Any and all projects with chalkboard paint capture my heart.

Any and all projects with herbs capture my heart.

Guacamole Bruschetta...can't believe I haven't made this yet.

For anything you're interested in, you will find amazing ideas on Pinterest. 

If there's any problem with Pinterest, it's this. 

I saw this on Pinterest while I was thinking and
 feeling this exact way....Pinterest reads your mind.

Okay, I do have another problem with Pinterest.  I've told you that I have problems admitting disappointment in the things that I love and am inexplicably loyal to. 

I'm just going to go ahead and say it.

Pinterest was cooler before everybody knew about it. 

Once I realized this to be true it was like the clouds were lifted and I finally understood what all of the hipsters were talking about. 

This is not to say that Pinterest no longer takes up vast amounts of my time. 

But, dear Pinterest, this is not your fault, it's mine.  You're amazing, and I will always love you.


If you'd like to experience the joy of Pinterest, drop your email address into the comments below and I would be happy to send you an invite. 

Just don't ruin it, think like a hipster.

Until then.


  1. Me! Me! Pinvite me!
    I've never heard of it before and promise not to spread the word in Holland! They'll never be cool here. Muwhahahaha.....

  2. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog via love for Pinterest!