Tuesday, March 6

My Girls

As most of you know, I am a nanny. 

What you might not know is that I am Mia and Lucy's nanny, and I have been for almost 4 years.

That really doesn't sound so long until you consider that when I started working for their family, Lucy hadn't been born yet and Mia was 18 months old.

Now Mia is turning 5 tomorrow.

I am working on a birthday post for my Mia Moo, but first I wanted to introduce you to my girls.

I love my girls.  They make me laugh and smile every single day. 

I kept a blog for a year or so about my life with Mia and Lucy Loo, (which if you feel like browsing through, you can find here.)




I really have loved every single day that I've been lucky enough to spend with these two.

The point of today's story, though, is that my girls love me...but I have recently been passed over for Brian.

They love him.  And they talk about him all the time.

Whenever Lucy is doing something silly and I ask, "where did you learn that?"

she shrugs her shoulders and says, "Brian taught me."

And yesterday, when the girls heard that Brian was home sick, (so sick) the majority of the afternoon was spent making Get Well Soon gifts.

"Dear Brian, feel better soon!  I love you,  Mia"

Mia sent me home with this, 3 Hello Kitty drawings, 2 tiaras from her birthday party this weekend, and a cookie...

- Brooksie...I have the best idea.  Open that cabinet.  No, that cabinet!  Ok, now grab that pink box.

- The Ziplock baggies...?

- Yea!  Ok, hand me one.

- Mia, I don't think the tiaras will fit in there...

- No, no, I know...I'm getting a cookie from my birthday party!

- You know his tummy really doesn't feel good, baby, he might not want a cookie...

- I know!  It's for when he feels better!

When I tried to walk out the door without the birthday tiaras last night, I heard a scream from the kitchen,

- BROOKSIE, you forgot the princess crowns for Brian!

My sweet girls.

It's not going to be easy for me to write this post about Mia Moo's birthday tomorrow, but I'll do my best.

Until then, here's hoping that you all love your jobs as much I do.

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