Thursday, March 15

When a Little Girl Turns 5

When a little girl turns 5, her motor skills have matured.

She can take broad jumps, skip and dress herself.

A 5 year old has mastered basic grammar, can re-tell a story, talk clearly and knows over 2,000 words.

She prefers to play with other children and is becoming competitive.

She has begun to understand responsibility, can feel guilt as well as pride and accomplishment.

Mia turned 5 this week.

5 years old.

There's something about this birthday that seems different from the others.

Maybe it's because every time I turn around, her mother, Jenn, is crying over it.

Or maybe it is because she will be in Kindergarten next year...Kindergarten.

Or because she just seems more grown up now.  When I looked up the normal stages of early child development for this post, 5 was as high as it went...

She's not a baby anymore.

But she was when I met her.

I've had the great pleasure of being able to witness Mia grow into the amazing little girl that she is today.

4 years of learning, laughter, (screaming) and love.  

The majority of the last 4 years of my life have been spent with my Mia.

Becoming a Big Sister



Turning 4

Princess Pout-a-Lot

First Ballet Recital

It has taken me a really long time to finish this post.  Mia actually turned 5 a week ago.

Mia is 5.

I don't know why but I've had a really hard time finding the words to put to all of these pictures.

But I think the pictures say enough.  A thousand words, and all that.

After all, Mia and Lucy are the reason that I am a photographer in the first place.  That's another story, though.

The point of this story is that Mia turned 5.  Babies grow up.  And I've been lucky enough to be around to watch this one grow into a beautiful little girl.

So, Happy Birthday, Mia.  Here's to you.  

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