Friday, July 13

DIY Headboard Ideas

So, I spent most of this morning scouring the internet for headboard ideas.

We have done very little to our bedroom.  The dresser that I made over {& love} is in there.

And one of the best things about moving in with Brian is that he came with a Tempurpedic bed {"The 'Pedic"}  but, it is just on a bed frame.

So, I really don't want to do too much decorating in there until I figure out the headboard.

I fell in love with this bedding from West Elm...

Psssst...ALL bedding at West Elm is 20% right now!

& sweet Brian bought it for me.  

So, as you can see, I have a pretty neutral palette to work with.  But I think that's a good thing.

I am having so much trouble narrowing down the ideas in my head for a headboard, though.

This is why...

So, I could go a simple route and do a traditional upholstered headboard with a really pretty fabric.

{Although I can't imagine how I'll narrow down the fabric choices...}

This first one comes from Apartment Therapy.
I love the bold print with the neutral bedding.

This one looks more complicated,
but I love the shape & large print patter.
Another from BHG...
I love this for the understated headboard
against a large, accent wall.
Renting isn't ideal for accent walls, though...
but this one is getting filed away.

This is from a collection of headboards on  
Again, I love the intricate design and bold color,
but I'm not sure this concept would go well
with the feel of our bedding.

This one is from Une Petite Chouette.
How fun is this?
Our bed isn't in the corner of the room,
but I LOVE this idea.

Or, I've always really liked the idea of a bookcase as a headboard.  It's different {a little Ikea} but adds a lot of potential for decor & also storage, {big +.}

Another one from Apartment Therapy...
I love this idea &, if you can find the right bookcase, very little work.

& another from Better Homes & Garden...
I think that this is so fun.  I love the assymetrical shape
the design creates & I love the added cabinet doors.
This one also seems a bit much for a rental, but it's definitely
an idea that I'm thinking about...

OR, a really great DIY route is to hang frames behind the bed to act as the headboard.  A little less work & a lot of impact.

& another from know I love BHG, right?
I love this idea of framing fabric behind the bed.

This one is from 1 kind design...
I also like the large scale frames...

I found this on Belle Maison, but I think it originally was on
I really, really like this one.
Handkerchiefs {or maybe just scrapbook paper} in inexpensive frames.
Definitely at the top of the list.

Another from Une Petite Chouette.
Shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that I
& I have all of that leftover chalkboard paint...

But, then, there are some funkier options.

I found this one on Beautiful Inspirations.
I think that this is so beautiful, and it definitely would be something
I'd consider, but I feel like it's the kind of thing you have to
stumble on...
but I love the idea of using something found.

And another from Apartment Therapy.
How pretty???
I think that this is probably a bit over the top,
even for me, but I think that this is so sweet
& romantic & just...pretty.
maybe in a child's room one day.

I found this one on a website called Sunset.
Another idea for a found or rescued object is to use a mantel.
Very cool & so much potential.

This is from a collection on, a tutorial by Ana White, {}
This one would be pretty simple to make, and I love the horizontal
planks inside the frame.  Great, bold color, too.

From Design*Sponge, a tutorial by Sarah Torrence of 508 Restoration & Design
This is one of my favorites.
I love the barnwood, I love the random positioning of the
the boards but also the clean outline.
But I LOVE the Awake my Soul.
 I love it.

From Stylizimo
Simple pallets.  Big impact.
I love how rustic it is.

And from House Tweaking...
Probably my all time favorite.  If you haven't
seen this blog, you must.

So, seriously.  I don't know how I will ever decide.

I think I'm leaning towards something with frames.  Seems to be the best option for renters...

But, oh, the reclaimed wood...

The chalkboard...

The Awake my Soul...

I just don't know how I'll decide. 

But until then, here's wishing you a bed as comfortable & comforting as mine is.


  1. I vote for the last four because they are downright beautiful but still natural (as in: nature-natural) -looking and also very cool! Love the used wood. Make sure you sand it well where your head goes though! Wouldn't want to get your hair cought in the splinters... :) xx Iris

    1. Aren't they awesome! Good call on the splinters...ouch. Hope you're well, Iris!