Monday, July 16

Picture Frame Message Board

Hi, guys!

So, I made this project back in April for Brian's birthday, {it was one of his 25 presents...}

but I never got around to showing it to you!

I, of course, got the idea for this project from Pinterest.  

I, unfortunately, was unable to find the original source of this Pin...  

{if anyone knows, please let me know!}

But I loved it, so I made it for Brian, & now that we actually live in the same space...we get to use it!

Here's how I did it...

Spray painted frame...

Sharpie on construction paper...

Hot-glued a magnetic picture frame to the frame,
{after removing the magnet.}

Anthropologie fabric pinwheel push pin...

Yarn & a dry-erase marker...

Et voila.


I promise they're not always that gushy, {although they are a lot...& I love it.}

But we have so much fun with this...

it's such an easy way to break up the every day blah with something to make you smile & maybe swoon a little bit.

So, here's hoping that you have a little bit of swoon in your day tomorrow.

Until then.