Monday, July 2

Summer Lovin'

Hello there!

Welcome back, I've missed you!

{I'm assuming and hoping that you noticed I was gone...}

Commencing iPhone camera documentation of what has been going on in my

Mia graduated from Pre School...
{I don't want to talk about it.}

I went on a road trip with my Carter Man.
{& his parents}

I bribed him with Cheerios to keep him
from crying.
{Child Care 101}

We went to Reynold's Plantation,
{Carrie Underwood's wedding venue...}
for my brother-in-law's cousin's wedding, where
I served as Carter's babysitter.

& this is what my nights looked like after Carter went to sleep.

This is what happens when
Brian and I are away from each other.

Ready to take Carter to the reception.
{Told happens a lot.}

Watching FRIENDS with me before we left
to make our appearance at the reception.

Then we got to spend the night in Atlanta with my brother!
{My sweet nephew-makers.}

This is what I gave my sweet nephew, Elliott.
{More on this later...}

This is what I woke up to.

This is what was happening
while we were gone.
{Tropical Storm Beryl}

This is what we came home to.

But then Brian & I won the lottery,
so we felt better.

Then I went to a White Sox game in Tampa Bay
with my parents.  We won.
{Go Sox.}

Then I went to Jekyll Island with Mia and Lucy.
Again for a cousin's wedding.  Again as the babysitter.

Had a dinner date with Lucy...

& a Skype date with Brian.

Then we had lunch at Sea Jay's,
where the food was mediocre, but the squirrels
were extremely entertaining.

Then we came home...

& Atticus was really happy to see me.

& then for the next 2 weeks,
when I closed my eyes, this was all I saw.
{BTDubs, have you ever used
Excellent house-hunting tool.}

But then this happened.

And there you have it.

Brian and I are all moved in & I have so much more to share with you.

But I will have to take the rest one day at a time.

Until then, here's hoping that your summer has been as blessed as mine has.  

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