Wednesday, August 1


So, I finally got around to hanging some art on our walls last night.

I have been such a weenie about it, not wanting to make any decisions about where things will go.

But after our epic trip to Ikea this weekend, our living room has really started to take shape so I decided that it was time.

Also, my prize from winning The Pinterest Challenge, {you can see my guest post over there, here} came in the mail yesterday and I immediately found a spot for it and hung it up.

That really got the ole creative juices flowing and I knocked out another wall, too.  {figuratively.}

But, first things first.  Ikea.

Brian used to live in Orlando so he is no stranger to Ikea.  {Anywhere that serves free breakfast on a daily basis is going to find a loyal customer in Brian.}

I, on the other hand, had never been before I met Brian.

The first time we went was more for the experience than anything else as we both still lived at home.

For a DIY decorator that place is seriously overwhelming.  Sensory overload.

Especially without a list...just wandering around, looking at everything.  I found it exhausting.

This time, though, we had a budget{ish} and a list of things that we have been waiting to buy for the new place.


happiness is.

We made it out of there just in time because we didn't have any more space in our car or our budget.

Then, when we got home, this was waiting for me...

Home is Where the Heart is

Michelle from Girl in Air was the guest blogger last month on The Pinterest Challenge.

Which means my prize for winning was a gift certificate to her Etsy shop!

So, we bought the Expedit TV Unit at Ikea.

Brian is going to mount the TV on the back panel & I am looking for a small ficus tree with a braided trunk to put to the right of the unit.

So, like I said, this got my creative juices flowin'.  I hung my Home is Where the Heart is map at the top of our stairs.

I love this so much.  Brian has always loved the American Flag that's in all the Pottery Barn catalogs & this reminds us of that.

Atticus loves it, too.

The other piece is an original Tres Taylor,  {I talked about it here,} & it is one of my favorite things.

Here's what I did on the opposite wall.

I got that mirror at Target a few years ago on sale for about $12.  

I painted that bookshelf with plans to turn it into a kitchen island, but it wouldn't really fit in our kitchen, so it's going to stay a bookshelf for little while longer.  I really like it here, though.  

I haven't really decided on the decor for the lower shelves but I love the tray on top as a catch-all.  

Print I picked up while I was in
the Bahamas last summer.

My grandparents on their wedding day.

So, I think that things are really starting to come together!

I'm working on a gallery wall in the hallway now, making over some chairs in our office, painting our chandelier & a really fun vanity-to-desk makeover...

Until then, enjoy your Wednesdays!


  1. Your place looks so cute! I can't wait to see it!

    1. We can't wait for you to see it either!