Saturday, August 4

Countdown to the Dress

I'm going to be really honest with you today.

If there is one thing that I've always thought about when I've sat daydreaming about my wedding over the years, it's the dress.  I realize that that probably isn't too unique.

But, the funny thing is is that whenever I've imagined myself walking down the aisle in that perfect wedding dress...I've had a bangin' body.

Fat & happy.  I've really begun to understand that phrase over the last few months.

I am at my heaviest right now.  There was a time after college when I was also about this size, {I had been on Weight Watchers to prepare for a wedding, and put some extra weight back on when I stopped...} but I stepped on the scale the other morning and saw a number that I have never seen before.

There are several things that I know have contributed to my current weight:

- happy.  I don't understand it, but I know it to be true.  I think it probably is just easier to forget about watching your figure when you're happy all the time and have a cute boy telling you that you're beautiful.

- vegan.  Again, I don't understand it, but I have steadily been gaining weight since I became vegan.  I've read several articles about the issue, have done my best to cut out soy and to stay away from too much bread and pasta, {a common problem for vegetarians is that it's easy to use breads, pastas, potatoes, etc. to replace the meat,} but still, I've kept gaining weight.  Also, I have had problems keeping my energy levels up at times which has made it hard for me to work out, {or to want to work out.}

- birth control.  I've read several articles about this issue, too.  Most doctors and specialists out there will tell you that there is no truth behind the notion that the pill causes women to gain weight.  But almost every woman that I've talked to has said the's why I think that there is truth to it, I haven't just gained weight, but I've put on weight in places that I never have before: my stomach and arms, {I was always a hips & thighs girl.}

- lazy.  Duh.

Now, I feel kind of shallow even talking about this, but what bride-to-be doesn't want to look her best on her wedding day?  And feel her best?

I don't feel my best.  I'm not comfortable in my own skin.  And, if I'm really honest, I'm not happy with my body or with my choices about my body.

So, there's never a bad time to get your act together and get serious about your body and your health, right?  And there's no better motivation than a diamond ring staring at you all day long...and a mother who really wants to take you dress shopping.

Honestly, that's what really got to me.  My mom said that we should go ahead and start looking for my dress...and I didn't want to.  I know that I'm not going to like the way that I look in anything right now, which makes me sad, and I don't want to feel sad when I am trying on my wedding dress.

Ugh, there's that shallow feeling again.  But, I said I was going to be really honest.

So, shallow or not, the countdown to the dress is on.

I am going to be using a few different "tools" that I have picked up along the way:

1.  Dr. Oz's Just 10 Top 5 Rules

First, cut out diet soda.  This one is, shall we say, not easy for me.  But it's worth it & I'll do my best.

Second, the kitchen closes 3 hours before bed.  I like this one because it helps encourage me to forgo dessert, and also to get dinner made a little earlier in the evening.

Third, a minimum of 10 minutes of cardio every day.  Granted, these ideas are just to help you lose 10 lbs, I plan on getting more than 10 minutes of cardio a day, {and to lose more than 10 lbs} but it's a good way to think about getting started.  Dr. Oz recommends things like taking your grocery cart back to the furthest cart return in the parking lot, etc.  Just get moving.

Fourth, work on controlling your portions.  I struggle with this one daily.  I find it helpful to slow down and to think about everything that you eat in a day.  Keep a journal if it helps.  But think about whether or not you're really hungry, how badly you want to eat it, whether or not it will make you feel better and give you energy, etc.  I am a classic mindless eater, and I am working hard to change that.

And, finally, weigh yourself every single morning.  It reminds you of your goals and your progress and keeps your mind on the task at hand, {losing weight.}  I am somebody who would rather focus on how I feel and how I look and feel in my clothes than on my weight, but at this point I think I need to track my progress and see how it goes.  So far, it has been helpful to weigh myself every morning because I have lost a few pounds this week and I have been really encouraged to keep working hard when I see the number drop.

2.  Women's Health 6 Weeks to a Flat Belly Workout

I found this workout via Pinterest.  I really like it because you start at a beginners level and move up as you get stronger.  You'll see on the website that it is a series of ab workouts coupled with a cardio interval burst workout.  I did it 3 times this week and I really like it so far.

3.  Yoga

Long, lean muscles.  Balance.  Stress relief.  Check.

4.  The Wave

This one might make you laugh.  A few years ago I ordered this workout system from The Firm after watching their paid program one Saturday afternoon.  Not 4, but 3 easy monthly payments of $29.99 later and I was on my way.

This is just a series of cardio workouts with free weights.  The system comes with 2 DVD workouts with a 40 minute workout as well as an "express" 20 minute version and an abs workout DVD, too.  So, 5 workouts all together.  The gimmicky part is the "wave" that comes with it, a plastic bridge of sorts that you use as a cardio step but also can flip over and stand and rock on the wave side...engaging your core, allegedly.  

Now, I'm being cynical, but I actually got in really great shape using this system a few years ago.  Unfortunately, a week after I rescued my kitten, Calpurnia...she thought the rocking wave looked like fun and she ran underneath it while I was on it.

She made a miraculous recovery but I was too traumatized by the whole thing and I stopped working out on it.

I've slowly made my way back to my wave though.

So, anyway, that's my plan.  I've lost a few lbs this week but I have a long way to go.

Until then, any other brides-to-be out there?  Let's do this.


  1. South Beach Diet and yoga work like a charm for me when I need to drop some ole LB's. I should probably use my own advice after bambino #2...but that "happy" excuse has got me right now! ;)

    1. I've never tried South Beach Diet, I'll have to look into it, Weight Watchers is really the only "diet" I've ever tried. Happy is more fun!

  2. I hear you, just don't go overboard such that you don't look like yourself in your wedding pictures. I hate when brides look hungry in their wedding dresses. Creeps me out.

    1. Ha, never. I'm going for healthy and strong.

  3. Have you seen It's awesome! 12 minutes of high intensity interval training so really short, but really effective! I did it about 3 times a week in january and I could really tell the difference!
    At first I wasn't too sure because of all the 'visual footage' on the website (which is sometimes a little too much for my taste, but oh well), but their focus is on healthy and strong and happy in your skin no matter what your size is.
    I always find motivation if I just start watching a video where they are encouraging you on to just get up and do it!
    So yeah, if you can se past the fake boobs you have a really great workout program there and very good diet tips on their facebook-pages too.

    Other than that: good luck with everything! I'm sure you'll look great either way!! All the best from across the great big ocean. Hope your keeping well.

    xx Iris

    1. Thanks, Iris! I always love hearing from you so much, I hope you're well! Are you back at home, now? Whenever I check in on my international readers, I always wonder which country you're reading in :) Love to you from across the big ocean!

  4. Hip hop abs..... I don't know if it works but I want to look like Lil Wayne.