Thursday, September 6

Vanity to Desk Makeover

So, I've been teasing y'all with this project for months now, but that's how long I have been waiting to get it done!  It ended up being way easier than I thought it was going to be.

This is the vanity that I started with.

It belonged to my godmother, Stephanie.

Stephanie was the ultimate Southern lady.  She didn't write the book on etiquette, but she could have.  She certainly knew it by heart.  

The woman who had everything, from jewelry to a set of china for every season, she was every little girl's dream.  A true fairy godmother.  

Because of Stephanie, I have beautiful pearls, Christmas china & {also thanks to my other dear godmother, Sally} a beautiful set of fine silverware. 

But, more than this, I was blessed by her amazing spirit...she was never without a smile on her face or a kind word to say.  

Stephanie passed away this year after a short battle with cancer.  I miss her every day.  

She gave me this vanity along with a beautiful antique dresser.  I don't have room for the dresser right now, but I love the vanity.  

But I decided one day that it would get a lot more use as a desk than as a vanity.  

And after considering just removing the mirror altogether, I decided that this would be more creative and much more useful!

First, I very carefully removed the backing from the mirror which was just tacked on with small finishing nails.  

I put the mirror aside, I'm not sure yet if I will hang on to it or not.

Next, I purchased a small roll of cork board from the craft store for $10.

Using the mirror as a guide, I cut a piece of cork board out and glued it to the inside of the backing.

I then stapled batting around the backing and then...the peacock fabric!

That's right, my favorite Thanksgiving in Summer themed fabric that I showed you here!



my new desk!

I love, love, love it!

And now I have a cute cork board right there for notes, ideas, pictures, etc.

These are my sweet fabric pinwheel push pins from Anthropologie that I love.

See how nice and organized it looks?

It's not.  Those drawers are full of junk.  Each one of them.  

It will definitely be an Organizational Wednesday project.

But isn't it pretty?

I just love it!

So, I love my little corner of our office.

I obviously still have a lot of work to do in there before I give you a full tour, but again, we're getting closer!

Until then, here's to you, Steph.  I hope you like it.

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